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                  A small selection of some of our many sold horses
Our own herd includes bloodlines from some of these great horses.


Pictures cannot do this stunning stallion justice, meeting him in person just took your breathe away.

Whilst here in the UK he only had a small herd of select mares, which is why you will not come across 100's of offspring!!!

He was a consistant producer of quality.  We have owned 2 of his sons and both display the same wonderful disposition of their sire and his fantastic breed qualities.

Unfortunately Tonka died in the USA in 2010.

His bloodlines are highly sought after ! 

We have his grand children and great grandchildren on the ground and could not be more pleased with the ongoing consistency from this superb stallion. 




                                          TONKA TOY

Son of the amazing Tonka, Tonka Toy is the stunning sire of our mare Zinfandel and our herd stallion Been n Dunnit. Tonka Toy is now in the USA.

                                   THE BUSINESS

 Also known as The Boss (USA) and The Chocolate Stallion.

The Business was another famous stallion sent to the USA by us. He is known through out the world for producing this amazing silver dapple colour. He lived in the UK for many years on rough marshland until the different colours became popular, then he secured his ticket to USA.

Sadly he passed away in the USA. What a great sire to add to the history books.

We have retained a wonderful broodmare from his lines.


The fantastic Valentino, owned and loved by my friend Fran Scott the amazing photographer.  She took some convincing when I showed her his very first pictures - he was a shaggy hairy dirty colt standing in a field!!

I promised he would become a Prince, and he sure never let me down. This is one of Frans pictures, do check her gallery out, she has a talent that is hard to find.

                          The Famous LENNY Stallion


Sold to Jen Gilson at Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses, USA.

Lenny is stunning and a known producer of top quality foals. He takes your breath away when you see him!

 Selectively used while in England,

We were proud to help Jen buy this amazing stallion.

Thanks to Fran Scott and her amazing photgraphy for capturing, some stunning shots of him just as he was leaving for Sunny AZ




                                  FLASH OF GOLD 


Stunning stallion sold to Jen Gilson, USA.

He has really made his mark in USA competing in Dressage, driving and he has become a big show ring winner.








Silver left the UK 6 years ago, heading to the USA along with 5 other friends, to be a foundation herd mare at Emerald Winds Farm, CT.

What an amazing example of a top class mare.






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